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Special Thanks

The Organizers and curatorial team extend their heartfelt thanks to the persons below for their generous help for the research of this project.

*Honorifics omitted, random order

  • Zoe Butt
  • Vandy Rattana
  • Kanitha Tith
  • Moe Satt
  • Students of the Panthu Sandar Art School
  • The Embassy of Japan in Myanmar
  • John Clark
  • Veronika Radulovic
  • Judha Su
  • Suzanne Lecht
  • The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
  • The Japan Foundation, Manila
  • The Japan Foundation, Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam
  • The Japan Foundation, Jakarta
  • The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Phnom Penh Liaison Office
  • The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Vientiane Liaison Office