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Posted Notes

[Report of 3rd Pre-event]
We update the report on the third Pre-event, Special Screening + Talk Show "Identity Issues in Singapore and Malaysia Seen through Films" (January 22th and 29th, 2017). On the 22nd, a one-hour talk show was held that delved into topics surrounding art and performing arts using the films as an entrance.
This report is from here.


[Reports of 2nd Pre-event]
We updated the curators's reports of the 2nd Pre-event “Performance and Talk by Heri Dono+ Report of the SEA PROJECT Research in Indonesia”held in Sep. 2016. They introdues Heri Dono’s performance and the current state of contemporary art in Indonesia.
the reports are here.


[UPDATE Research Report]We updated the curators’trip reports from Malaysia (Sep. 2016). How did the curatorial team see Malaysian Art and Artists? Take a look at what the curators saw from the trips! This report is from here.


[UPDATE Research Report]We updated the curators’trip reports from Brunei (Sep. 2016).Joined this time by fellow curator Merv Espina, who grew up in Brunei until 11, the trip became an even more productive investigation into Brunei’s art scene. How did the Japanese curators see in Brunei? Take a look at what the curators saw from the trips! This report is from here.


We had a discussion on Skype!


We spent all the day to develop our ideas...


Interviewing Htein Lin, a Myanmar artist at MAM today.


Japanese curatorial team have a meeting @MAM today. Lots of books and documetns!


Interviewing Chaw Ei Thein, a Myanmar artist at MAM. The BAR vol.9 exhibition, "Healing and Loving" is going to open at YAMAMOTO GENDAI, on 9th - 23th, July.


We are thinking.....


We are laughing!


We are presently in a meeting @NACT


In this research, we visited Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We met about 50 artists. All curators listen to their every word carefuly and curiously!


In Warorot Market, the largest in Chiang Mai. There are not only foods and local snacks but also clothing, fashion accessories, personal care products and so on. We can get everything cheaply! Navin Rawanchaikul was born and brought up in here. I can obtain it from local ingredients to a fashion widely and cheaply here. Artist, Navin Rawanchaikul on behalf of Thailand seems to be the place where I was born and raised.


We just come to Thailand to meet a lot of Artists & Curators !


We are in Tokyo! Reading time at JF office...


Monggo! Famous Indonesian chocolate. They have pretty nice café in Jogjakarta.


The 8th Asia Pacific Triennale at in Brisbane the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art is open until April 10, 2016.